Clean Water for Thirsty People

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Clean Water for Thirsty People

Clean Water for Thirsty People

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The Extended Strategy

Next Steps

A 2017 mission to Ecuador involved Tears2Water coordinating a joint effort between scientists from the University of North Alabama and the  Universidad San Francisco, a private university in Quito, Ecuador. The UNA scientists conducted field tests from numerous sites where water filters were installed. They also took water samples back to the university lab to check for metals and agricultural toxins that the filters didn't remove. Thankfully, the lab results revealed only negligible amounts of toxins and the water was safe to drink after filtering. This was encouraging data, supporting the continued use of the filters after the emergency was over. Those recipients will have clean water for years to come. 

The ongoing strategy of Tears2Water is to provide as many people as possible with safe, clean drinking water by donating and installing Sawyer filters for those in need. Forming strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations who are already working in disaster settings has proven to be an effective strategy for Tears2Water. The filters can be a seamless addition to varied service-minded groups, whether a humanitarian project manned by missionaries, Rotarians, medical teams, or clean-up and construction crews. The filter kits don't take up much space in luggage and can be used by the volunteers while serving and then donated to a needy local family before leaving. Tears2Water has donated hundreds of filters to groups and individuals who have delivered them around the world. 

The Navajo Nation


A 2020 project within the continental United States entailed delivering filters to the Navajo Nation, which had the highest per capita rate of COVID-19 infections in America.  Up to 30 percent of homes on the reservation are without running water and 10 percent don't have electricity.  Much of the available water comes from streams and is not clean enough to drink.  We donated 50 filters to Nathan Atteberry ( who along with his wife, Dr. Suzanne Atteberry were working tirelessly within the Navajo community to bring clean water and medical care to the pandemic ravaged Navojo people. These filters are now helping these Original Americans to have cleaner water. 

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09/23 Presentation Regarding the delivery of Tears2Water filters to educational establishments in the Tena Canton in Ecuador - [Spanish]

Tena, Ecuador Presentation - 09/23 [Spanish]
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Your donation to will quench the thirst of needy people throughout the world.

Where We've Been...

What started as a specific project to bring clean water to Ecuador earthquake victims in April, 2016 continues to grow.  Since inception, Tears2Water has been donating filters at no cost, to numerous groups and individuals traveling to other countries on mission trips and various kinds of relief efforts. These countries include Haiti, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, India, the Philippines and Bali, and within the continental U.S., the Navajo Nation.

More About Who We Are

More About Us

Tears2Water LLC is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit charitable organization.

All USA contributions are tax deductible. EIN: 81-3394887

Published On - 1/12/24